Give The Biggest Heartwarming Hug With The Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper

Give The Biggest Heartwarming Hug With The Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper

Warm the heart of someone you are receiving into the fold by giving them the biggest hug with The Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper. Whether it is a new member of your family, the latest addition to your circle of friends, a new neighbour who has just moved next door, a corporate guest who has just arrived, or a new mate at work or at school, our welcome hamper is the perfect way to show your hospitality. It can be daunting or overwhelming being new to family, friends, a neighbourhood, an organisation, an office, or a school. Let The Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper help them chip away or even completely get rid of any anxiety or awkwardness.

Looking for the ideal welcome hamper for guests? Want something extra special to give your new in-law, friend, or co-worker? Is the welcome party literally right around the corner and need a gift immediately? You do not have to worry or look any further because your Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper is exactly what you need. Coming in a medium-sized box, you will get a bottle of premium wine, two high-quality wine glasses, chocolates, and a scented soy wax candle. Now try to find a better way to break the ice or lighten up the mood than the highest quality vino from one of the world’s top wine producers and perfectly sweet confections.

So, if you want to give the warmest of embraces for your new family, friend, colleague, neighbour, classmate, or guest, you already know that Box & Barrel has got you covered. All you have to do now is help organise the welcome shindig by ordering some more alcohol and food. More importantly though, you have to make sure that the person you are receiving into the fold feels right at home. This is why hundreds of people, businesses, and organisations love Box & Barrel. You can rely on us to take care of the gift-giving aspect so all that is left to do is make the welcome party is a certified banger. So, go ahead and get your Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper to give the biggest heartwarming hug!

What Comes With Your Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper?

Your Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper will come with a thoughtfully curated set of premium quality products that is perfect to receive new family, friends, colleagues, classmates, guests, and whoever to the fold. Whatever the setting, our Welcome Hamper is sure to impress. Each box comes with a complimentary handpicked ribbon colour choice and a personal greeting card.

The Medium Box & Barrel Welcome Gift Hamper*

  • Your Medium Welcome Gift Hamper includes –
    • 1 x Premium Wine
    • 2 x High-quality Wine Glasses
    • 1 x Chocolate
    • 1 x Soy Wax Candle
  • Only Medium-sized Box Available

    We can ship to anywhere in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Box & Barrel Experience Welcome Gift Hamper now!