Glassware Sets

Buy Exquisitely Handcrafted Glassware Sets At Great Prices From Box & Barrel

Upgrade your old crystal drinkware by buying exquisitely handcrafted glassware sets from the world’s best brands here at Box & Barrel. With us, you can choose from our thoughtfully curated collection of premium quality crystal drinking vessels at great prices. From beautifully shaped wine glasses and champagne flutes to the impeccably stylish whiskey and cocktail glasses, we have the best glassware sets you can find anywhere online or in brick-and-motor stores.

Indulge yourself or the special people in your life with a bar glassware set that will not look out of place in the world’s high-class bistros and cocktail lounges. With the highest quality crystal drinkware that we have on offer, you can give the perfect gifts for the wine, spirit, or cocktail lover you know. Whether it is an anniversary present for your spouse, a gift for your best mate’s birthday, or a congratulations for your colleague’s promotion, our glassware sets are sure to please.

You can even create your own customised glassware sets with our exceptional in-house branding. From names to logos to crests to any design you could possibly think of, we can personalise your crystal drinkware to suit your needs.

Stunning Beauty & Phenomenal Build Quality

With us here at Box & Barrel, you can get a stunningly beautiful bar glassware set that will amaze anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Passionately handcrafted and finished by expert artisans, each piece is designed to capture attention with its gorgeous form and pristine polish. With brands like Riedel on offer, you can be assured of receiving or giving the highest quality crystal drinkware from the world’s top and most trusted manufacturers.

Along with the eye-catching allure of our glassware sets comes phenomenal built quality. Precisely crafted using the highest quality raw materials and scientifically tested-and-proven techniques, you will get the strongest crystal drinking vessels from us here at Box & Barrel. Thus, you can be assured that you or the people closest to you will enjoy the best glassware sets for years to come. Providing the best value is the reason why we have hundreds of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more.

Highly Sustainable & Eco-friendly Glassware Sets

When you buy your glassware sets from us here at Box & Barrel, you are not just getting premium quality crystal drinking vessels. You are also proactively doing your part to help save our planet. This is because we have carefully curated our glassware from brands who use 100% safe and chemical-free materials along with highly sustainable manufacturing processes. With no harmful additives, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not be compromising your health and safety or that of your gift recipients.

Providing truly eco-friendly products is one of our goals here at Box & Barrel. Therefore, you are not just getting the most beautiful and extremely durable glassware sets but also helping eliminate negative environmental impacts. For our team, we stand by our strong belief that, through our efforts and with your help, we can all do our part to help save Mother Nature. By being environmentally conscious in whatever way possible, all of us can make a difference in making our planet a safer place to live in.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your exquisitely handcrafted glassware sets at great prices now! We can ship to anywhere in Australia.