Glassware Accessories

Get The Ultimate Glassware Accessories From Box & Barrel

Take any wine, spirit, or cocktail drinking experience to the next level and beyond by getting the ultimate glassware accessories from us here at Box & Barrel. We offer a vast array of high-quality additions to complete any alcoholic encounter or take care of your glassware. You can take your pick from the best barware accessories like premium coasters, wine corkscrews, and ice moulds. You can also get glassware accessories like wine bottle carrying bags, glass carrying bags, microfibre polishing cloths, and bottle cleaners.

Whatever you may need, Box & Barrel can provide you with essential barware and wine accessories to suit any situation. You can even give them away as presents to the wine, spirit, or cocktail lover in your life. From birthdays and graduations to welcomes and congratulations to goodbyes and get well soon, our glassware accessories are perfect for any occasion or celebration. Round out your gift with premium wine, whiskey, or cocktail mixers and you are essentially delivering the ultimate gift experience.

What is more amazing is you can take the gift-giving experience up a notch by customising your glassware and barware accessories. With our fast in-house branding, you can create bespoke gifts with names, logos, crests, and any design you want!

The World’s Best Glassware Accessories

Here at Box & Barrel, you will be getting the best glassware and barware accessories from the world’s top and most trusted brands. With names like Riedel available in store, you can be assured of receiving or giving the most exquisitely designed and engineered products available on the market today. Used by wine connoisseurs, whiskey afficionados, and the best bartenders and mixologists from around the globe, you are getting goods that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Designed with the perfect blend of beauty, practicality, functionality, and durability, you will have the best-value barware and wine accessories to use at home or even professionally. Whether you or the person you are giving it to is a wine or liquor enthusiast, a budding or experienced bartender, or simply someone who loves the finer things in life, our glassware accessories are sure to please. This is your Box & Barrel guarantee!

Eco-friendly & Sustainable Glassware Accessories

With Box & Barrel, you are not just buying premium quality barware and glassware accessories. You will essentially be doing your part to help save the environment. This is because we have ensured to get products from brands who utilise 100% safe and chemical-free materials as well as highly sustainable manufacturing processes. With truly eco-friendly goods, you can be completely confident that you are not compromising your health and safety or that of the person you are giving it to.

With no harmful additives and eco-friendly manufacturing, you are not just assured of getting the safest products but also helping eliminate negative environmental impacts. We strongly believe that making the extra effort to help save Mother Nature is what is best for our business as well as for all our customers. By being environmentally conscious in every aspect of our business possible and with your help, we are making strides to make sure that we all live better lives in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Box & Barrel Glassware Accessories now! We can ship to anywhere in Australia.