Gift Exquisitely Handcrafted Drinking Vessels With The Box & Barrel Glass

Gift Exquisitely Handcrafted Drinking Vessels With The Box & Barrel Glass

Elevate the drinkware game of the people in your life by gifting them with exquisitely handcrafted drinking vessels from the world’s best brands found inside The Box & Barrel Glass Hamper. Wow your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, and acquaintance with a thoughtfully curated collection of premium quality glassware all in one bespoke handmade box. You will spoil your lucky gift recipient with the most amazing selections of elegantly shaped wine glasses and champagne flutes and perfectly classy whiskey and cocktail glasses. No matter what you choose to give them, one thing is for certain. That person will have the biggest smile and be truly grateful for the amazing gift you have bestowed.

You can give our glass hamper as an anniversary present for your mum and dad, a wedding gift for your best mate’s special day, or simply a thoughtful spontaneous gift to show a special person in your life how much you care. Whatever the occasion or situation, our whiskey, cocktail, champagne, or wine glass hamper is sure to please. With the highest quality glass drinkware that we have on offer, you can give the perfect gifts for the wine, spirit, or cocktail lover you know. You can even treat yourself with our glass hamper box so you can upgrade your old drinkware with premium sets that will not look out of place in the world’s top-notch bistros and cocktail lounges!

Strikingly Gorgeous With Exceptional Build Quality

Astonish the people you know who appreciate the finer things in life with strikingly gorgeous drinkware that can only be described as veritable works of art. With every piece designed to be eye-catchingly stunning, you will see the impeccably beautiful form and immaculately spotless polish delivered by expert artisans from across the globe. Taking a closer look at each glass, you will have a glimpse of the passion and dedication that have been put into creating absolutely elegant and indulgent pieces.

Together with the attention-grabbing beauty of the glassware that we have on offer is exceptional build quality. Having brands like Riedel in store, you are guaranteed of getting nothing less than the most durable glassware from the world’s the world’s top and most trusted manufacturers. Thus, you will be getting the strongest glass drinking vessels precisely crafted using the highest quality raw materials and scientifically tested-and-proven techniques. Delivering the ultimate beauty and durability is why a multitude of customers keep buying our premium glass hamper. 

Highly Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

By getting your Box & Barrel Glass Hamper, you are not just buying exquisitely handcrafted drinking vessels from the world’s best brands. You will proactively be helping save our planet. You will do this because we have sourced our glassware from globally renowned and well-established manufacturers who utilise 100% safe and chemical-free materials together with highly sustainable production methods. Having zero harmful additives, you will be ensuring the health and safety of yourself and the people getting your gift.

Our ultimate goal here at Box & Barrel is to provide certifiably sustainable and environmentally friendly products. So, you will not just be purchasing the most gorgeous and well-crafted glass drinkware but also help minimise negative ecological impacts on our planet. Through our effort to be environmentally conscious and with your help, we can genuinely make a difference in making Earth a safer place to live in for us now and for future generations to come.

So, go ahead and get your Box & Barrel Glass Hamper. We can ship to anywhere in Australia and the rest of the world.