Delight Mixed Drink Lovers With The Box & Barrel Cocktail Hamper

Delight Mixed Drink Lovers With The Box & Barrel Cocktail Hamper

See the mixed drink lovers you know smile from ear to ear by delighting them with The Box & Barrel Cocktail Hamper. That beaming grin will be from opening a beautifully handcrafted box filled with goodies that even the best mixologists and bartenders will absolutely love. Take a closer look at our online shop to see exactly what we are talking about. You are guaranteed to be amazed at what we have in store for your lucky gift recipient or even yourself! Having the finest products from the world’s top brands all in one hamper, there is no question why a multitude of people consider it to be one of the best cocktail hampers Australia has to offer.

Coming in two sizes, medium and large, your bespoke cocktail hamper will have everything a mixed drink lover will need to make their favourite beverages. You will surely delight their taste buds and satisfy their cravings with a collection of delectable cocktail mixers. Most certainly, a pair of impeccably shaped drinking vessels are there for you or your gift recipient to sip or take a shot of the mixed drinks. Of course, to create the most amazing cocktails, a set of premium barware are there to deliver perfectly blended alcoholic beverages. Either a simple high-quality shaker or a premium five-piece shaker set await everyone who wants to mix drinks exactly how they like it.

From making the perfect first impression on a date, amazing family, friends, and colleagues on their birthdays, or surprising a neighbour or an acquaintance, our cocktail hamper will make the best gift for any occasion or situation. So, go ahead and have our cocktail hamper gift delivered straight to their doorstep or hand it to them yourself. Inside they will find a thoughtfully curated selection of premium quality cocktail mixers and bar tools that will deliver the ultimate mixed drink quaffing experience if there ever was one. Then, wait for them to call, send a message, or personally say how elated they are about the truly amazing gift that they have received.

What Comes With Your Box & Barrel Cocktail Hamper?

Your Box & Barrel Whiskey Hamper comes with a thoughtfully curated collection of premium quality products that is perfect for liquor lovers. We offer two variants of our boxes namely ‘Great’ and ‘Amazing’ which differ in taste, quality, and price points. They also come in either Medium or Large sizes. Each box comes with a complimentary handpicked ribbon colour choice and a personal greeting card.

  • Your LARGE Cocktail Lovers Box includes –
    • 6 x Cocktail Mixers – Vodka, Gin, and Baileys
    • 1 x 700ml White Rum
    • 1 x 7-piece Shaker Set
    • 2 x Premium Quality Cocktail Glasses
    • 2 x Shot Glasses
    • Your MEDIUM Cocktail Lovers Box includes –
      • 3 x Cocktail Mixers – Vodka, Gin, and Baileys
      • 1 x 700ml white rum
      • 1 x Shaker
      • 2 x High-quality Cocktail Glasses

      We can ship to anywhere in Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Box & Barrel Taste Cocktail Hamper now!