Savannah Avo Shark & Avo Saver Clip Set

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The Savannah Avo Shark was awarded a Red Dot Design Award in February 2014. The award is one of the most prestigious awards in the word, with more than 61 participating countries.


This 2-in-1 set has everything you need for the ultimate avocado experience. Millennials rejoice! Now you can easily enjoy avo on toast at home, and hopefully (one day) finally get that house.
The Avo Saver Clip is the perfect companion to help that avo last a little longer. Clip the unused half in this bad boy to keep it fresh for even longer. 
 Meanwhile the Avo Shark covers all your other needs! It has a serrated blade to cut through the thick skin (with a protective sheath for the rest of the time), a toothy gripper for simple pip removal, and a slotted scooper for both scooping the fresh avo AND mashing for delicious guacamole!
Seriously what more could you possibly need?! Both tools are dishwasher safe for maximum efficiency.
  • Avo Saver Clip keeps your avo fresh as a daisy
  • Avo shark is your all-in-one tool! 
  • Everything you need for the ultimate avo lover
  • Tools also available separately
  • Includes: Avo shark, avo saver clip
  • Both items dishwasher safe

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Craig M
Ava holder

It REALLY WORKS WELL nicely made and works FANTASTIC

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