Sachi Insulated Backpack - Camo Green

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Ideal for school or play, sling all your favourite food and drinks over your shoulder with the Sachi "Style 227" Insulated Backpack.


This fashionable insulated backpack can be used to transport warm or cold food and drinks.


There are many variables that can affect the length of time food or drinks stay cold. For best results use an ice pack or ice substitute. These will function better than ice cubes as they minimise the amount of condensation or dampness that can occur as ice cubes melt. If using ice cubes we recommend you seal them into a zip lock style plastic bag to protect the items in your bag from melting ice over an extended period of time.


Helpful hints to enhance performance of the insulated backpack:


  • Pack the backpack as full as possible with like temperature items.
  • The colder the items are at the time of packing, the longer they will stay cold.
  • Place ice packs or substitutes on top of the contents when possible as cold air flows down.
  • Minimise opening the backpack to keep cold air in and warm air out.
  • 24 x 13.5 x 26cm.
  • Insulated lining.
  • Suitable for warm or cold food & drinks.
  • Features an adjustable shoulder strap & name tag.
Easy to clean:


Use mild dish soap and a damp sponge to wipe both the interior and exterior fabrics. Allow to air dry.


Please do not put warm or hot dishes directly from the oven into the backpack as this may cause damage to the insulated lining.


Do not place the tote in an oven, microwave, washing machine, dryer or dishwasher.


Do not use chlorine bleach for cleaning.

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