Davis & Waddell

Davis & Waddell Homemade Co Nut Mylk Kit

$14.98 $29.95

Davis & Waddell's Homemade Co collection features a variety of DIY kits perfect for making something delicious from scratch right at home. 

Create your own homemade nut milk with this kit using any kind of nut of your choice. The best part of a homemade recipe is that there are no preservatives, additives and you can flavour it to your own liking. A recipe is included to help you get started but you can be creative with it.

Set includes: 

  • 1x 1L Mylk bottle
  • 1x Straining bag


  • Material: glass,metal and food grade nylon
  • Create your favourite nut milk at home using any nut you like
  • Recipes included
  • Hand wash

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