Davis & Waddell

Davis & Waddell Argon Double Roaster with Rack Base

$99.98 $199.95
  • Davis & Waddell's stainless-steel double roaster with rack is an oven essential, offering a range of versatile cooking methods whilst providing that extra convenience from cooking to serving.
  • With an encapsulated base on both body and lid, this double roaster heats quickly and evenly doubling your cooking capacity. Suitable for gas, halogen, solid, hotplate, radiant and induction cooktops.
  • Conveniently brown meat on the stove before oven roasting in the same pan or return roaster to stovetop after cooking meat to easily turn pan juices into delicious gravies.
  • The stainless-steel removable rack allows for an even heat distribution, while handily draining meats or poultry as they cook. The lid also is a useful feature for braising in the oven.
  • The solid side handles on both body and lid offer a secure grip and support when lifting and carrying the roaster from oven to stovetop to table.
  • 15 year warranty 
  • 36x24.5x8cm

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