CrushGrind Kala Salt/Pepper/Spice Mill Ceramic Mechanism

$20.97 $29.95
Lets crush boring food!
Why you will love it:
  • Made from stainless steel and glass 
  • Allows you to see what is inside
  • Suitable for salt/pepper and various spices
  • EasyFill feature as mechanism sits 'upside down'
  • High end ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Easy adjustable mechanism allows you to decide how fine or coarse your grind will be
  • Approx size: Measures 7x 12.5cm 
A little about the brand:

Based on the principles of the old mortar, CrushGrind was developed to be more than just a pepper mill – established to create a better grinder than available. Through will, passion and a bit of nerdiness they invented the original ceramic mechanism – a revolution of traditional pepper mills enabling consumers to grind all sorts of dried herbs and spices. And thereby releasing the essential oils from spices and deriving the full aroma.

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