Salt & Pepper

Botanical Diffuser - Lotus - 100ml

$11.48 $22.95

Take a stroll through a flourishing botanical garden with this 100ml BOTANICAL lotus diffuser from Salt&Pepper. Beautifully packaged, you'll dispel all tension and stress with this high-end blend of melon, lotus and sandalwood. With a lifespan of 5 weeks, this intriguingly exotic and woody aroma derives from European-sourced essential oils, which are encased in a contemporary glass vessel with rattan sticks.

The thickness of the diffuser's rattan sticks is very important. They are sized for optimal absorption of essential oils and slow-release of their fragrances over time. For best results, turn sticks upside-down and place back into bottle after the first 24 hours of opening the fragrance. This aids in the absorption of essential oils. For optimal lifespan of the diffuser, keep away from direct sunlight, heat & drafts; Caution: always place the fragrance and diffuser bottles on a level surface and away from all fragile, polished, painted and varnished surfaces. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid damaging the surface. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Keep away from open flame, children and pets; Do not swallow. Seek medical attention if consumed.

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