Salt & Pepper

Botanical Candle - Lotus - 180g

$11.48 $22.95

Take a stroll through a flourishing botanical garden with this 180g BOTANICAL lotus candle from Salt&Pepper. Beautifully packaged, you'll dispel all tension and stress with this high-end blend of melon, lotus and sandalwood. With a burn-time of 25 hours, this intriguingly exotic and woody aroma derives from European-sourced essential oils, which comes encased in a contemporary glass vessel to suit any space.

For a longer lifespan, ensure that after blowing out your candle, the wick is centred in wax while still in liquid form. Trim wick to 6mm using wick trimmers when wax solidifies. Caution: remove all packaging before lighting the candle. Avoid any unprotected surface that may be damaged by heat or dripping wax. Be sure to burn in a draft free area, away from flammable materials and overhanging surfaces. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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