Appetito Non-Stick Omelette Pan W/ Poacher

$29.98 $59.95
Cooking omelettes is made easy with the Appetito Omelette Pan; uniquely designed, this set includes a removable 3 cup egg poacher and heat resistant handle. Prepare two foods at once in the double-sided skillet pan, or simply create the perfect fluffy omelette.



1. Beat four eggs and 1 to 2 teaspoons of water until foamy in a mixing bowl.

2. Add your favourite fillings and mix.

3. Spray omelette pan with cooking oil before use.

4. Pour ingredients into pan. Cook on low heat in one side of the pan until firm, being careful not to overcook.

5. Close the hinged lid, flip and cook the omelette on other side.

  • Removable 3 cup egg poacher.
  • Heat resistant handle.
Dishwasher safe (Handwash reccomended)

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