Masterpro Ultimate airfyer

$149.50 $299
Made from PP SPS PA6.
Airfry crispy diverse meals without the extra fat. The Airfyer has an extra-large 5.5 litre capacity to feed the whole family. Using powerful hot air to fry your favourite foods with little or no oil.
Control panel features 7 preset cooking functions - perfect for potatoes/chips, ribs, chicken, meat, cake, shellfish and fish.
Featuring an adjustable timer & temperature controls, easy to read digital touch screen, easy pull-out drawer with removable basket for easy cleaning.
Before use thoroughly hand wash basket and frying tray. Wipe inside with a damp cloth. Clean appliance after every use as per instruction manual.
For indoor domestic use only. Plug-in operataion. 210 volts. 1600-1800 watts. Product has a 12-month warranty.

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